Skilled carpentry work you will love. Properly done woodwork can add aesthetic appeal and value to your home. Trust the experienced team of XTend Contracting to tackle any light carpentry related issues.


When it comes to Deck planning and design, XTend Contracting guarantees safety in first place. Whether you’re looking for deck repair services or want to build a new deck, you can trust XTend Contracting to deliver quality and superior customer service.


We build and install great custom windows. Our windows offer a number of advantages over standard single pane glass windows, and will provide you with decades of lasting quality.


All of our doors are made in accordance with our customer’s designs and specification. We can create doors of all types of doors from classic to contemporary designs.


With vinyl siding from Xtend Contracting, you can enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle with products that last for years to come. From the initial design to project completion, we customize our work to meet your needs, desires, and specifications.


Adding decorative molding to the relatively simple room provides a certain character that the room would not have otherwise. XTend Contracting provides distinguish service for molding to style your house.